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Journalist, worked in the offices of Jornal do Brasil, Gazeta Mercantil, Correio Braziliense and IstoÉ DINHEIRO. He was elected three times (2014, 2015 and 2016) one of the “Most Admired Brazilian Journalists”. In September 2013, he led the creation of Projeto 1 Papo Reto, a media platform dedicated to promoting the sustainability debate and entrepreneurship. He also signs the column “Sustainable Entrepreneurship” on the website of IstoÉ DINHEIRO magazine and is author of the book “Inspiring Stories – Meet 50 Sustainable Entrepreneurs that Make the World a Better Place” (2015). He has just concluded his MBA in Communication and Digital Marketing Management (FAAP-SP), 2017, and is studying in the EaD system the MBA “The Journalist of the Digital Age as Agent and Leader of Social Transformation” at the Faculdade Tecnológica de Monterrey Mexico).

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