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Dende Valley

VALE DO DENDÊ is a social holding company designed to foster forward looking ecosystems with focus on diversity. Working largely in the promotion of the ecosystem of Salvador, Bahia, the group has been developing actions in three pillars:

  1. Investing in businesses of social and economic impact through Aceleradora Vale do Dendê (Dende Valley Accelerator);
  2. Forming creative talents through Vale do Dendê Academy
  3. Providing services to public and private entities through a strategy consultancy (Vale do Dendê Consulting)

This work began in 2016, when about 50 makers, public agents, representatives of the academy and social organizations came together to assist in the co-creation and validation of a business model which is different from what had existed until then in this rich, important and diverse ecosystem.

Since then the initiative has already held major events such as Ocupação Afro.Futurista (Afrofuturist Occupation) at Nova Lapa Station (largest bus and subway station in the North-Northeast region), it has helped build public policies for innovation and it was featured in national and international media for its pioneering and strategic vision.

Dende Valley

Dende Valley

Business Accelerator

DENDÊ VALLEY BUSINESS ACCELERATOR was launched in November 2017 and it is sponsored by Fundação Itaú Social and Fundação Alphaville. It received 107 registrations in less than two months in it’s first call, culminating in the selection of 30 startups working with creative economy and technology in the segments of fashion, jewelry design, street furniture, tourism, automotive technology, games, etc. All of them develop low-cost, high- social impact technology products and solutions.

The accelerator appears to fill a large gap in Salvador’s Creative Economy segment, especially for peripheral-based entrepreneurs who are not always covered by the radar of such programs. The next call will be in September 2018.

In the photos below, it is possible to follow some important moments of the launching of the Public Notice and the pre-acceleration dynamics.

Dende Valley Consulting


It is a strategic consultancy to elaborate projects of innovation and creativity. The city of Salvador is our first working field where we established areas of the city that have economic potential and we designed studies, partnerships with companies and public sector. The consultancy came as a result of the studies to define the model of Vale do Dendê Holding. The richness and creative potential that emerged in all regions of Salvador became evident from the very beggining of the project.


We have developed methodologies capable of adding value to the existing productive chain and structured programs focused on local development, having similar experiences in several cities in Brazil and abroad as benchmark. Knowledge of the territory, its people and its powers can represent a competitive differential for those who want to install projects of an economic and social nature in a given region. This is what Vale do Dendê Consultoria intends to offer to the market. Our approach takes as its premise three broad axes:


Local development and the shift of some “old-economy” companies depend on changing paradigms. In order to increase the chances of success, it is necessary to use appropriate methodologies and tools.


The toolbox needs to contain the tools needed to leverage each step of a project. Avoiding, therefore, super or under-sized expenses.


As important as doing it is how to do it. Thinking outside the box and using new approaches to old problems and dilemmas are some of the tenets of our work.

Dende Valley


VALE DO DENDÊ Academy offers courses, trainings and workshops focused on corporate or general audiences. Using disruptive methodologies and the best consultants in the field of innovation and diversity in Brazil, our educational branch aims to bring the complex concepts created in Silicon Valley and other innovation centers to the less affluent public. Our motto is “Innovation for All” and for this we have partnerships with companies and governments to take courses to the most popular areas of Brazil.


  • Marketing for Digital Influencers
  • Innovation, Technology and Diversity
  • Diversity Management


  • Media Training for Entrepreneurs
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Design thinking made easy


  • Basic robotics
  • High Tech Sewing (partnership with Olabi (RJ)
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality


Vale do Dendê participa do programa de Rádio XYZ


Programa de Aceleração de Tecnologia 2021

A Vale do Dendê, em colaboração com o Google For Startups Brasil, está dando início ao processo seletivo para o Programa de Aceleração de Tecnologia que ocorrerá de 05/04/21 à 21/06/21 O Programa será voltado para empreendedores negros e negras…


Conheça o fundo social Éditodos

Fundado em 2017, fruto de diálogos iniciados no âmbito da Força Tarefa de Finanças Sociais liderada pelo Instituto de Cidadania…


Vale do Dendê


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